What is Poutine?
For the uninitiated, poutine is a savoury adventure made up of French Fries, Gravy, and Cheese Curds.
Where did poutine originate from?
Almost all poutine connoisseurs agree that it was first introduced in Quebec, Canada in 1957. However, when it comes to who first came up with this amazing concoction the answer remains debatable. Considered the ‘national food’ of Canada, today you can find it in pubs, restaurants, fast-food chains and even poutine specialty shops. Every day tens of thousands of servings are consumed by hungry Canadians and adventurous tourists.
How do we make our fries?
To produce our delicious, fresh, French fries, we use the meticulous 8 step Belgian Frites method: Thoroughly wash whole potatoes. Hand cut into beautiful fries using our wall-mounted Cutter. Wash the cut potatoes in cold water. Dry the potatoes off. Dip the delicious pommes frites into hot oil. Soak up the excess oil. Drop the fries into hot oil for a second time until they are golden brown and amazing. Season and serve!
Where do we get our cheese curds from?

From Yancey’s Fancy based in Corfu, N.Y.

What about the gravy?

We offer two types of gravy. A traditional beef-based recipe as well as a vegan/vegetarian recipe. As for what goes into our gravy…it is a top secret recipe that can’t be shared or even spoken about. Sorry!

Do we have vegetarian options?
We do offer limited vegetarian options, and that extends to our ice cream.
What kind of ice cream do you use?
Our ice cream is one of a kind because it is made in-house daily and uses special milk that is slightly higher in fat, which produces an ice cream that has an extra creamy taste and texture. You won’t find it anywhere else.
What the heck is a Freak Shake?
A Freak Shake is very unique and slightly freaky house-made milk shake. It’s made with our house-made ice cream and specialized, edible “embellishments” like Oreos, cupcakes and Reeces cups. They are served in a mason jar and will require the use of more than one napkin.
What is a Creamy Bun?
Creamy Buns are locally made Famous Doughnuts filled with our house-made ice cream and an extra ingredient (like Cap’n Crunch or strawberry jam), which are then pressed and warmed in a Panini maker to make the most delectable ice cream sandwich you’ve ever had. They melt in your mouth and are so good we thought about calling them “dreamy buns.”
Why can’t I get all the same poutine options at the Hertel Avenue location as I do at Allen Street?
Because our premium ice cream products are all house-made, we’ve had to scale back on some of our house-made poutine products. (There is only so much room in the kitchen.)